Set 15: Pin-Monkeys & Warriors of the Brunswicki

I know what you're thinking? “Just when is 'BIG CARDSTOCK MINIATURE' going to get out of the pocket of the Anti-Penguin Defamation League's pocket, and portray them as the savage, bloodthirsty monsters they are? Well. Build-a-Brawl will not bow to political pressure! We've always known the truth about penguins. And where are they always marching to anyway? That sounds like military buildup to me! THE PEOPLE MUST BE TOLD!

This snazzy miniatures set includes figures stunningly rendered by Kira Woodmansee and Lucas Puryear, specifically designed for use with the Bowl Or Die! adventure, or anywhere else you might need pugnacious primates or feral penguins.

Included in this set are:

10 Pin Monkeys – Caffeine-addicted primates, just doing a thankless job

2 Pin Monkey Mobs – A whole bunch of caffeine-addicted primates. That's better, right?


1 Penguin Leader – The eyebrow feathers just ooze authority.

4 Penguin Bodyguards – Just who have they got to guard him against?

They don't know, but they're dying to find out.

5 Penguin Sentries – They give the best “Who squaks there?” in the business.

10 Penguins – The teeming unwashed masses of the tribe. (Okay, that's not fair, they swim quite a lot, so they're quite clean.)

2 Penguin Phalanxes – Ten penguins lined up like ten-pins; pinguins, if you will.... I'm sorry, I'll show myself out.

Some additional characters whose identity could constitute spoilers for the Bowl Or Die! Adventure.

Also in this set:

3 Full Bowling Pin set-ups, 2 Spares, and a 7-10 Split (the most evil pin set-up of all!) and 12 Commemorative Sidereal Lanes League Nite Beer Tumblers (Prized by participants and spectators, alike).

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