Set 13: A Vault of Various Vile Villains - PDF

Verily, the vicissitudes of life very often lead the vainglorious and the violent to value vices and venality of various forms. And when the valiant vie with such villainy to vouchsafe the protection of the living, it can be useful to have a variety of very small effigies to serve as proxies for violent altercations.

Okayvv. Nowv thve “v" kvey is svtuckv.

This set includes:

Solomon Crane - Bartender, fence, wannabe crime lord, bowling champ

Simon Trask - Corporate overlord,snappy dresser

Pete - Reptoid, smuggler, dirtbag

“Snake" - Weaseloid, dealer, snitch, also dirtbag

“Weasel" - Go-between, lackey, lickspittle, did we mention dirtbag?

Hans Gelber - Space Nazi, rabid goon, bad speller

Captain Silas Grugger - Rhinoid, space pirate, expert yodeler

Crudd - Rhinoid, bartender's assistant, thug, clog dancer

“The Fat Man" - Black marketeer, dark wizard, donut enthusiast

Space Nazi Goon Squad - Goons, drones, morons

Plus: 4 Chairs and 8 Beer Mugs

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