Set 11: Sci-Fi Stereotypes - PDF

You want aliens? We got aliens! You want Space-Men? We got Space-Men! You want Super-Heroes? We got Super-Heroes! You want Disgustingly Cute Furry Things? … Why? God, why? Why would you want that?

From beyond the farthest star, to alternate universes where dogs evolved into the dominant species, all sorts of Inter-Dimensional do-gooders and do-badders can be found in this set.

This set includes:

2 Canoids - We've apparently interrupted their pool party.

Corporate Security Weasel - Seems trustworthy.

Heroic Space Ranger - Only one Space Ranger? Well, you've only got one Space Riot, right?

Cyber Geek - He t0t4lly h4s l337 H4xx0r $k1llz.

Mad Scientist - Not many researchers explore the connection between bears and avocados.

2 Robots - 00110010 00100000 01010010 01101111 01100010 01101111 01110100 01110011

Reality Corps Officer - Keeping the multiverse safe. Mostly from you.

Super Speedster - Patience really isn't her thing.

Mighty Super-Hero - Peril? Where? We must face it!

2 Bug-Eyed Monsters - Hide the beer.

Slime-Dripping Alien - He's a tad lost. Has anybody seen his swarm?

3 Disgustingly Cute Furry Things - Oh dear.

Ninja Pirate Monkey - Ninjas: Awesome. Pirates: Awesome. Monkeys: Awesome.

2 Big-Head Aliens - They were on their way to the same pool party.

Plus 6 Beer Mugs

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