Set 05: Spandex-Wearing Weirdos - PDF

Faster Than a Speeding Whatsit!

More Powerful Than a Something-or-other!

Able to do something with some sort of thingy!

These superpowerful standup characters are re-mastered from the original art by Vicky Wyman produced originally for the classic Bar Wars supplement.

Now your table-top battles can have that little extra cosmic-powered boost!

This set includes:

Captain Carnage - Dashingly Destructive Dude of Danger.

Ms. Missile - Pulchritudinous Powerhouse of Promptness.

The Glorious Gazelle - Frankly Fabulous Fashionable Fellow.

Bluejay - Cunning Cerulean Crime-fighter.

Dynamatrix - Villainous Vitriolic Vixen.

Magma Bob - Terrific Titan Twin.

Granite Bob - Sedimentary Super Sibling.

Invisible Guy - Nameless Nobody.

Sunbeam - Beautiful Bright Blaster.

Nightshade - Anti-matter Anti-heroine.

Plus: 2 Tables, 8 Chairs, and 13 Beer Mugs

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