Set 04: Cybernetic Sociopaths - PDF

There is a disturbing trend among some more techno-savvy adventurers to want to replace perfectly good body parts with bits of plastic and chrome, just so they can have a laser, or claws, or an MP3 player, or something implanted in themselves.

Well, before you go doing something like that, why not just cut out these beautifully illustrated miniatures, featuring art by Vicky Wyman, and live out your cybernetic self-mutilation fantasies vicariously?

Seriously, think twice before you run off and get those cybernetic eyelids you've been thinking about (unless they look really cool).

This set includes:

Crusher - Hydraulic hands and a plate in his head.

Flash - Guerrilla hairstylist.

Flip-Flop - Military-grade weapons tracking system, hobo-grade fashion sense.

Cyber-Dervish - Whirligig of death.

Zap - Believes any argument not settled with a gun didn't go on long enough.

Stabber - He's really bad at nicknames.

Spike - Really, really misses the '80s.

Slashotron 3000 - Sent from The Future to #*^%-up $#!+ in the present.

Piston Pete - Punches like a cyborg mule kicks.

Slice - She's not bad; she's just dra.. okay, yeah, she's pretty bad.

Plus: 2 Tables, 8 Chairs, and 13 Mugs of Boost Juice ™

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