Set 03: Spaaaaacce Pirates!! - PDF

Avast Ye Scurvy Space Dogs! Here be as scurrilous a collection of rapscallions to've ever plied the space–ways. Heave to and – No, sorry, that's about enough of that. Seriously, how do they stand it? In normal person talk, this set of cardstock figures gives you a whole crew of space pirates to use in your games.

These gorgeous miniatures are illustrated by Vicky Wyman, based on the art used in the classic Bar Wars supplement.

So whether you use them to represent dastardly no-good-nicks performing hit-and-run raids from an asteroid hideout, or valiant rogues rebelling against a tyrannical galactic overlord, these space pirates (sorry, Spaaaaacce Pirates!!) will be overrunning your tabletop before you can say Aaarrgh!

This set includes:

Rashid - His beard alone has killed more men than smallpox.

Le Fou - French, dandy, 'nuff said.

Jean le Dasshe - Will NOT keep out of the rigging.

Handsome Cliff - Only doing this until his modeling career takes off.

Glimmerstab Prancygit - Elven space pirate. Not a lot of those.

Fireball Annie - Even her milkshakes explode.

Boris - Pirate choreographer

Barefoot Betty - Has killed for less than a pair nice pumps.

Angry Bonnie - Don't ask her why; she'll hurt you. Seriously.

Onyx - Big. Tough. Quiet.

Sparkle - She's so pretty.

Tosser Jim - He throws grenades a lot. But that's not how he got the name.

Plus: 2 Tables, 4 Chairs, and 26 Grog Mugs (Pirates are heavy drinkers)

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