Set 02: A Bunch of Bad Guys - PDF

So you say you have figures for all your heroes and good guys, but they don't have anyone to beat up on? Well that's just tragic.

This set of beautifully illustrated cardstock miniatures feature art by Vicky Wyman, remastered from the classic Bar Wars supplement.

Easier to transport than metal or plastic miniatures, and a whole lot easier to cut and fold, these miniatures may just be your ticket to a stress-free lifestyle!

Use of these cardstock miniatures can lead to a general feeling of euphoria, popularity, increased energy levels, financial stability, spontaneous regrowth of lost hair, and improved sperm motility.*

*Results not guaranteed. In fact, I don't know where they come up with some of this stuff.

This set includes:

Hans Gelber - Space Nazi Commander

Simon Trask - Rich in Cash, Poor in Scruples

Solomon Crane - Bartender / Fence / Connected Guy

Crudd - Rhinoid Assistant Bartender, Bag of Rocks (dumb as)

Cook - Short-order chef with a mean streak

Silas Grugger - Rhinoid Space Pirate, Crudd's brother-in-law

Mohan The Magnificent - Evil Wizard

Slipshod - Mechanic, likes to break things... and people

Seamus "Stinky" McSplodey - Mad Bomber

Crazed Cultist - NOT here to sell flowers

Plus: 2 Pool Tables, 2 Tables, 4 Chairs, 12 Beer Mugs

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