Set 01: Floating Vagabond Regulars - PDF

Behold, mortals: the wonder and majesty that is Build-a-Brawl Cardstock Miniatures! Transform your meager gaming table into a magical portal to a world of nev-

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Going a little overboard, aren't you?

Well, I am trying to sell these minis...

Yeah, but you don't have to try so hard; these things can sell themselves. They're cheap, sturdy and beautifully illustrated.

Aww. But I was going to do this whole “not since the Guttenberg Bible" bit...

Save it. Just tell everyone that these figures are remastered from the original fold-up mini art by Vicky Wyman that were included in the classic Bar Wars adventure supplement, so they're bigger and better than ever.

Oh. Can I at least do my “your soul will be enriched" thing?

(sigh) yeah, okay.

The world you live in can be harsh, cruel, and ugly. Each and every action that brings joy into this world brings betterment for all. Your soul will be enriched by the mere act of assembling these objects of beauty and utility.

...Well, how was that?

...Sorry, I... seem to have something in my eye...

This set includes:

Arithon Kincaid - Pulp Adventurer and Bush Pilot

Bugshoe - Canoid Bounty Hunter

Dr. Liz Stekker - Smarter than you. Tougher than them.

Biff Cantrell - Frat-Boy out of time

Bob Wilbol - Bartender / Ladies Man

Vickers - Feloid (former) Criminal

Myron Dubro - Interdimensional Mercenary

Hawk "Spit" Luger - The Multiverse's best (and ugliest) Bartender

Plus: 2 Pool Tables, 2 Tables, 4 Chairs, 12 Beer Mugs

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