Set 12: A Fistfull of Good Guys

The Floating Vagabond is the hangout of choice for heroes, good guys, and... all right, lets be honest here: the titles for these things are chosen sometimes months ahead of time, before we even know who's going to be in the set. Calling some of these folks “good guys” is a bit of a stretch. In fact, with the exception of Ms. Missile, they all have warrants on some world or other, and even she is wanted for questioning in the matter of the disappearance of the Yuloran Canyon (we're pretty sure that she didn't do it, but she was there).

No, these folks are just some of the people who have, at some point been spotted hanging around the Floating Vagabond. They mean well.


This set includes:

Arithon Beauregard Kincaid - Dashing daredevil pilot, sometime criminal, full time wise-ass.

Bugshoe - He has a particular set of skills...

Dr. Liz Stekker - She's the smartest person you've ever seen throw a grenade recreationally.

Alphonso Fatima -
Covert agent for an organization that may or may not exist anymore.

Ms. Missile -
She's fast. Very, very fast. And, no, not in that way; get your mind out of the gutter.

Max Turbo, Private Eye -
From the way she held the scissors, I knew I'd be on her table soon...

Bob Wilbol -
Holds the patent on fast-zip trousers. They come in handy.

Myron Dubro -
His thirst for adventure is almost as prodigious as his thirst for beer.

Rachel Tostern -
A volatile beauty and a consummate professional model/mercenary.

Professor Thaddeus Kalick Walker -
If you spot him, let somebody know, for cryin' out loud!

Hawk “Spit" Luger -
Owner and bartender of The Floating Vagabond. Stay on his good side.

Captain Carnage - The multiverse's most unintentionally destructive super-hero. Seriously: he has a plaque.

Plus: 1 Jukebox, 1 Table, 2 Chairs, and 15 Beer Mugs

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