Set 10: Action Stereotypes

Action movies are full of very specific character types that we can all recognize instantly. And now, so is your game table.

Ready to deliver a knockout blow followed up by a witty one-liner, these figures will bring so much action to your table that you won't be able to get insurance anymore.

This set includes:

Hard-as-Nails Gunslinger - She once shot all the strings off a guitar before the first strum.

Suave Secret Agent - International intrigue is always so sexy.

Tragically Hip Bloodsucker - Brooding. Intense. Creepy. Just like an art-school student.

Teenage Monster Hunter - She's a strong female character, and, like, totally chosen and stuff.

Tough Guy - Spends most of his time waiting for a hero to come beat him up.

Grizzled Bounty Hunter - He'll jack you up faster than you can say “mullet".

Hard-Boiled Private-Eye - Most men can't get away with saying “Dames". Neither can he.

Just Some Guy - He's got a regular job, and does regular things.

Ninja - Shhhhh!

Rogue Cop - I know what you're thinking...

Slime-Dripping Alien Swarm - Who doesn't love a good swarm?

Disgustingly Cute Furry Mob - Run. Just run.

Jungle Dude - He's so tired of all the “Were you raised in a tree?" jokes.

2 Monkeys - If they're flinging, you best be ducking.

Chicken - Jeez, another chicken miniature. How many do they think you'll need?

Slime Dripping Alien 1 - Sometimes you just don't feel like swarming, okay?

Plus 10 Beer Mugs

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