Set 09: Fantasy Stereotypes

Now, we're not saying fantasy characters are all based on broad generalizations and devoid of any creative spark: plenty of other people say that. No, we're saying that, if you've got a tool available to you (say, a collection of easily recognizable character traits that quickly fill in the gaps of a player's expectations), then why not use it?

Fantasy adventurers of many different stripes, and solids, and spots, fill this set: heroes, rogues,and stalwart companions. Oh, and fairies. This this is just lousy with fairies. Seriously; I think we're gonna have to spray.

This set includes:

Honor-Bound Samurai - Not only will he behead you; he'll write a haiku about it.

Dashing Swashbuckler - An unbuckled swash is just... unsightly.

Ancient Master of Butt-Kicking - If you take the pebble from his hand... he'll beat your ass.

Wily Wizard - Hope you like the taste of bugs, toad-boy!

Elven Pretty Boy - Most of his pay goes towards hair products.

Annoying Princess - She has weaponized Passive Aggression.

Pirate - Stab someone and take their stuff and you're a thief. But do it on a boat...

Grumpy Old Dwarf - He's got 400 pages of back-story. And it all rhymes. In Dwarfish.

5 Pixies - Man, there's a lot of these guys.

Orc Brute - He likes hitting things. And eating things.

Burly Barbarian - Crush your enemies, something, something, women.

Knight in Shining Armor - He has Grand Adventures on his way to Epic Quests.

Pixie Mob - Crap. Where's that spray?

Plus 18 Beer Mugs

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