Set 08: Cultists & Suits

Faceless minions are a staple of many nefarious plots and government agencies. While the villain is ranting to the captured hero, who do you think keeps the reactor core from melting down? Or feeds the blood-beetles? Or polishes the break-away safety rails surrounding the hyper-shark tank? These tasks and countless others (but especially ganging up on interlopers) are performed by these unbelievably valuable (yet somehow incredibly expendable) employees.

These figures are illustrated by Vicky Wyman, and can be used to represent cultists intent on raising some sort of extra-dimensional nasty; corporate security agents protecting the company's bottom line; a bunch of filthy hippies; members of a secret government agency of Guys in Dark Suits defending the Earth from aliens; or the world's most aggressive Ska band.

However you use them, they'll be just as at home in a Tales From The Floating Vagabond game or any other game you'd care to play.

This set includes:

10 Guys in Suits

10 Crazed Cultists

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