Set 07: Space Nazis & Thugs

Okay, so you've got a whole slew of gorgeously-painted miniatures for each and every one of Player Characters, and for each of the important Non-Player Characters and monsters in your adventure, and you're ready to go ... and then you realize that the first encounter you have planned for the evening calls for an army of faceless goons to swarm your heroes, and you don't have any.

Well, these guys are here to ... well, not to rescue, really, 'cause their whole raison d'etre is to make life miserable for the heroes in nearly every story they show up in – but they're here to beef up any encounter for Tales From The Floating Vagabond or any other game where you need a ton of bad guys, featuring art by Vicky Wyman.

This set includes:

10 Space Nazis

10 Thugs

RC 50007
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