Set 06: Pan-Dimensional Heroes

Heroes come in many shapes and sizes. And colors. And religious backgrounds. And economic situations. And political affiliations. And... you know what? This is going nowhere. Lets just skip to the hard-sell.

This set of figures with gorgeous art by Vicky Wyman represents a cross-section of heroes who have found themselves transported into the Floating Vagabond through the inter-dimensional portal generator. They are perfect for playing out your favorite Tales From The Floating Vagabond epic, or for nearly any other adventurer game in existence! Seriously, we've covered so many bases here it took seven umpires to call us out.

This set includes:

Flint Hardcase - A hard-edged guy for a hard-edged world.

Patient #7426 - Proof that therapy and medication don't always work.

Dr. Igor Sebastian - As smart as they come. Also, mad as they come.

Agent Blande - You didn't see anything. He was never here.

Slim Comet, Space Ranger - They had to back-order a helmet for his horse.

Tralalee - Elven warrior princess. Loves glitter, ponies, and beheading goblins.

Alex Sharp - As dashing a secret agent as you've ever seen. But you didn't see him.

Rachel Tostern - Leader of the Bikini Girls With Machine Guns.

Sir Smedley Uppington-Smugg - All British and upper-crusty.

Bart "Mad Dog" Stimson - So mean he once shot a man just for... shooting at him.

Private Gunderson - Just an average Joe, being sent off to a far land to kill people.

Sergeant Kowalski - No, he's not impressed.

Zebozz The Unlikely - Masterful wizard; mediocre dinner host.

Svizoom The Great - Anything you can zap, he can zap harder.

Plus: 1 Table, 4 Chairs, 13 Beer Mugs

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